Waste water treatment systems are offered by A.A.A. Wastewater and this system consists of a pre treatment primary chamber, a secondary chamber, an aeration chamber and lastly the clarification chamber. A.A.A. Wastewater is the distributor of the waste water tanks that are produced by Taylex.

Waste water from household enters the primary treatment chamber followed by the secondary chamber. The effluent is aerated in the aeration chamber and after the oxidation process it enters the clarification chamber. In this chamber the remaining particles from the effluent are removed by the bacteria which thrive on the bio mass sheets.

The effluent from this chamber is thus pre treated, aerated and clarified. This effluent now passes through the Taylex filter which is also distributed by A.A.A. Wastewater. Filtration further purifies the effluent after which it is chlorinated. This procedure ensures the removal of bacteria.

A.A.A. Wastewater thus distributes the aerators, concrete tanks and filters which are used for the waste water treatment procedure. The concrete tanks are leak proof, sturdy and do not bend or buckle.