A.A.A. Wastewater  is the distributor for Taylex, which offers various products for treatment of waste water. Taylex also offers water storage products, pumps, irrigation equipment and so on. All these products are distributed by A.A.A. Wastewater.

The waste water treatment process begins with the waste water flowing into a primary pre treatment chamber. The liquid then flows into the secondary chamber of the Taylex waste water treatment system. During this period bacterial action takes place which breaks down the waste water before it goes into the aeration chamber.

The aeration chamber of the waste water system distributed by A.A.A. Wastewater mixes aerobic bacteria so that the organic material is oxidized. A unique aerator in this system draws fresh air through a vent. The aerator also injects it into the aeration chamber while circulating the contents in the chamber.

In the aeration chamber of the waste water system, bacteria rapidly multiply leading to an oxygen-laden environment. Thorough mixing is done to ensure complete oxidation of the organic material in the waste water.