3M Touch Systems  has released two privacy products. Resistive PrivacyTouch offers users the convenience of privacy film in a MicroTouch resistive solution. Privacy Glass 1000 offers a non-touch privacy glass for liquid crystal displays (LCD).

3M's Resistive PrivacyTouch integrates MicroTouch resistive touch screens with Vikuiti Light Control Film, while Privacy Glass 1000 delivers an integrated privacy product for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who want privacy but do not require the touch screen interface.

3M microlouver technology within the film structure reduces the horizontal viewing area of the LCD to 60º. Persons directly in front of the display have an unobstructed view of displayed information. But from either side, casual observers see a dark, blank screen.

The privacy film technology also shields against unwanted ambient light, increasing the effectiveness of glare reduction and contrast enhancement.