DBI-SALA, a 3M brand, has launched the Rollgliss R500 rescue and escape device that offers controlled descent, self-rescue, emergency evacuation, and assisted rescue with lifting capabilities.

The Rollgliss R500 is a fully automatic, highly versatile and durable rescue and escape device with decent speeds of 0.6m to 0.9m per second to ensure a quick, yet safe, rescue. Thanks to a unique bidirectional design, one end of the lifeline is allowed to descend while the other ascends to prepare for another rescue.

Compact and lightweight, the Rollgliss R500 can be positioned and installed quickly which, combined with its easy operation, enables an effective and efficient rescue.

The Rollgliss R500 rescue and escape device is an ideal emergency rescue and evacuation tool for a wide range of elevated work areas. It is ideal for self rescue, multiple evacuations, and assisted rescue during maintenance on wind turbines, utility poles, tower construction, commercial construction, and any other application where people are working at heights and require fall protection. Safe assisted rescue from a distance is also allowed with the optional lifting wheel.

Designed with and constructd from high-quality and corrosion resistant materials, the Rollgliss R500 is a highly durable and maximum performance rescue and escape device. It features 9.5mm super static kernmantle rope that is configured with connecting hardware at each end of the lifeline for bidirectional rescue.

The Rollgliss R500 rescue and escape device can be used at heights of up to 300m for a single user of 140kg or less, or up to 100m for two users whose total weight is 248kg or less.

Customers can purchase the Rollgliss R500 rescue and escape device as a stand-alone descender unit, or in kit form.