REPEL technology webbing fall protection range has been launched by DBI-SALA. DBI-SALA is a 3M brand solely dedicated to the fall protection market. 

The REPEL range of fall protection products are constructed from a specifically designed textile called REPEL technology webbing. The unique webbing offers numerous advantages over traditional webbing products used for fall protection. The technology forms a fine textile shell that is characterised by a high level of water resistance, a natural-self cleaning effect and a durable protective function. Water or other substances such as oil or dirt simply run off its surface.

The REPEL fall protection range consists of Delta REPEL full body harnesses, Force2 REPEL shock absorbing lanyards and REPEL pole straps. The fall prevention range incorporates a variety of products that cater for a broad range of work applications and needs. Industries dealing with Water and Sewerage, Abattoirs, Electrical Utilities, Mining, Oil & Gas and any environment exposed to harsh, wet or tropical conditions will benefit from using the REPEL technology range of fall protection products.

Andrew Sweeney, National Utilities Manager for 3M, Australia and New Zealand, explained, “REPEL is an exciting new development in fall protection, enabling users in a wide range of industries to reap the benefits.”

The REPEL technology fall protection range is extremely durable, with up to five times more abrasion resistance than other fall protection products. The long-lasting webbing allows the products to stay in service longer in even the harshest environments, while the water repelling properties prevent absorption of water, keeping them lightweight and comfortable all day long, for the entire service life of the product.

All of the products in the REPEL technology fall protection range meets the strict requirements of the AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 standard.

DBI-SALA’s i-Safe intelligent safety system utilising RFID technology is built into each product in the REPEL technology fall protection range to track inspections, control inventory and manage information.