3M offers a wide range of fall protection equipment, including the freestanding counterweight anchor.

These fall protection anchors provide a safe and secure tie-off point for those working on flat roof areas, and because they are fall arrest rated for one person they can be used as a single anchor point system.

Once set up, shock absorbing lanyards, self retracting lifelines or rope grabs and lifelines can be easily attached. Freestanding counterweight anchors are simple to use and can be placed directly on top of a working surface. They work by having weighted bases added to rubber trays that are connected to a shock absorbing tie-off post, with no need to penetrate the roof surface.

In addition to time and money savings, these roof anchors avoid the likelihood of roof damage and potential leaks.

The innovative LEAP shock absorbing post with tie-off point features an energy absorber that works in a controlled way, distributing the forces to the anchor and structure to provide additional safety for the user. This also helps to preserve the integrity of the roof and structure.

Freestanding counterweight safety anchors are ideal for use on flat surfaces that have a maximum slope of 5 degrees. They are approved for use on a selection of surfaces including concrete, single ply membrane, bitumen membrane, asphalt sanded and asphalt stone chippings.