Dbi-Sala has launched a new Door/Window Jamb Anchor.

The Door/Window Jamb Anchor was developed to provide a non penetrating anchor point for a personal fall arrest system.

Utilising such common elements as doors or windows, the Door/Window Jamb Anchor is compressed against the door or window frame jamming itself between the two vertical sides.

Best of all, there are no tools required to install the Door/Window Jamb Anchor.

The anchor point is not only ideal for use during initial residential or commercial construction, but is also ideal for post construction needs because it does not penetrate into anything.

The Door/Window Jamb Anchor is installed in three easy steps, providing a safe fall arrest rated anchor point to attach your shock absorbing lanyard or self retracting lifeline.

The Door/Window Jamb Anchor is an economical and non-intrusive fall protection system that is lightweight and easy to install.

Weighing in at just over 6 kilograms the Door/Window Jamb Anchor is easily moved between jobs, installed, removed and stored.

Combined with a harness, shock absorbing lanyard or self retracting lifeline, the Door/Window Jamb Anchor provides a quick and efficient fall protection and height safety system.

The Window/Door Jamb Anchor is ideal for use in residential and commercial construction, roof tops with door entrances, elevator shafts, wall openings, emergency egress and rescue.

Dbi-Sala is a brand of 3M, a designer and manufacturer of height safety, confined space and industrial rescue equipment.