DBI-SALA, a 3M brand solely dedicated to the fall protection market, has announced the launch of their new Lad-Saf powered climb assist system.

The fall-arrest rated Lad-Saf powered climb assist ladder safety system does is a dual system which does not require a separate or secondary fall protection system, thus saving time and money, while simplifying safety and increasing worker productivity. The system provides both climbing assistance and fall protection to workers ascending a fixed ladder system within a wind turbine tower.

This powered climb assist system is designed to lift between 20 to 55kgs, which effectively reduces the climber's weight by that amount, reducing fatigue and allowing for a faster and easier climb.

Activation and deactivation of the system is fast and simple. To use the system, the climber simply attaches the Lad-Saf ladder safety sleeve to the cable system and to the front D-ring of their fall protection harness, then activates the motor and begins climbing. The 240V motor is deactivated if the user stops climbing. If the user slips while climbing, the system will lock and arrest the fall, allowing the user to regain their footing and handhold.

"Wind turbines can reach heights in excess of 90 metres," says Training & Technical Support Manager for 3M Australia and New Zealand, Emmett McGregor.

"Fatigue can easily set in for workers climbing ladders that reach these heights, which can endanger the worker and lower productivity. The climb assist system increases safety, and saves time and money by providing an easier climb and eliminating the need to purchase an additional height safety system," adds McGregor. 

The Lad-Saf powered climb assist system includes top and bottom ladder bracket assemblies, the motor assembly, and a control panel. Standard tools can be used to install the system, which can also be easily retrofitted into any size of tower.