DBI-SALA, a 3M brand dedicated to fall protection solutions, has announced the launch of their new ExoFit XP Flotation Harness.

The ExoFit XP Flotation Harness provides the ideal solution for workers who are exposed to the risks of height in a marine environment. The design incorporates an AS/NZS1891.1 certified fall arrest harness and a personal flotation device (PFD) in one unit, to provide both fall protection and buoyancy control for the professionals working on or near the water.

There is an Industrial 275N model available for both closed and open water environments as well as an open water (SOLAS) model for use in shipping and offshore work, enabling the worker to choose a flotation harness to suit their specific needs.

These flotation devices serve two purposes. Firstly, they will provide protection following a fall from height. Secondly, in the event the operator falls into the water whilst not being connected, they will ensure they remain afloat until help arrives.

The ExoFit XP Flotation Harness retains all the comfort and safety features of the traditional range, whilst adding additional protection near water, including stainless steel connection hardware to reduce the risks of corrosion and extend product life.

These flotation devices are independently recognized by both Australian and New Zealand safety standards and have a lifting connection point to enable fast retrieval during a rescue. Even when a person is unconscious and wearing industrial clothing and tools, the PFD will automatically inflate within 3 seconds of being immersed and turn the operator onto their back, ensuring their airway is above water.

“The ExoFit XP Flotation Harness combines the latest technology in buoyancy and fall protection technology to ensure worker safety on or near the water,” says Rick Millar, Technical Manager for 3M, Australia and New Zealand. “There is no longer the need to wear a separate harness and bulky life jacket – this product combines both into one.”

DBI-SALA’s i-Safe intelligent safety system utilizing RFID technology is built into the flotation harness to fast track inspections, control inventory and manage information.

The ExoFit XP Flotation Harness comes complete with a number of standard safety features and options, including:

  • pull cord for manual activation
  • safety whistle
  • lifting strap
  • reflective tape
  • oral inflation/deflation tube
  • high visibility international orange chamber
  • inspection history label
  • fire resistant protective covers (optional)
  • safety lights (optional)
  • spray hoods (optional)