3M Australia’s new Head Office building at North Ryde uses architectural and graphics products from 3M Architectural in the fitout.

The key design concepts for the new building focus on ‘Harnessing the Chain Reaction of New Ideas’, also the central theme at 3M today where collaboration and integrity combine with traditional innovation and sustainability.

Products such as 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes and 3M Fasara glass finishes were used in the fitout.

Wall graphic designs on each floor were inspired by 3M micro replication technology flowing into images of famous 3M innovators that also have meeting rooms named after them.

Going with the theme of ‘collaboration’, there are no personal offices at the new 3M office. Each floor has a range of collaborative work and social spaces developed to foster communication and interaction between all the 3Mers, using products such as 3M Whiteboard Projection Finish for idea sharing.

Workstations have been placed close to windows for natural light and views.