3D Wall Panels  recently supplied decorative 3D wall panels to Highland Property Agents when they relocated to their new offices in Cronulla. They completely refitted the interior with stunning results.

The interior designer chose 3D decorative wall panels in the ‘Ripples’ design as they:

  • Provide a ‘fresh’ and relaxed office space for staff and visitors alike
  • Provide a stunning, extensive feature wall for the reception area and boardroom
  • Serve as a backdrop for the company logo, which is mounted directly to the panels thereby enhancing the logo
The horizontal orientation of the panel pattern dramatically maximised the 3D effect; it achieves this by increasing the shadows cast by the overhead lighting on the protruding sections of the pattern.

To create the desired ‘seamless’ look, the wall panels were installed, then the joints were puttied over and painted. The panels even wrap seamlessly around corners, making the office space even more aesthetically pleasing.

3D wall panels can also be seen on the Today show and Mornings with Kerri Anne on Channel 9. The Today set features the 3D wall panel ‘Waves’ design while Mornings with Kerri Anne features the ‘Flow’ and ‘Waves’ designs.