3D Virtual Renovations can make a dream a reality, with its unique process. This will turn what is in the mind, into a virtual reality which can be seen before being built.

As veteran renovators will know, there are many unknown factors when renovating. The big factor being not knowing how things will turn out, if they will really look like the dream. The answer to this question comes at the end of the process, after investing time and money into the project.

With 3D Virtual Renovations, the unknown factors are eliminated, as the guesswork can be trialled on a good architectural computer program. The program combines the ideas for the renovation, along with backdrop of the existing property, to give an insight into how the renovation will look when complete.

The beauty of this process is that it can incorporate the tiny details, such as colour schemes, furnishings and lighting giving the option to trial different ideas. The final outcomes are 2D CAD plans, and 3D presentations which can be used to communicate the ideas when obtaining quotes and dealing with local council.

Mark Shephard has over 20 years experience in the home improvement industry and is well aware of the problems and pitfalls when renovating. Mark wanted to provide the service of architectural 3D virtual reality planning techniques to owner builders who may have thought this type of service was too expensive for their budget.

One of the main areas where miscommunication occurs is between client and builder, where the client cannot accurately convey the image of the end result to be achieved. The uniqueness of 3D virtual renovations lies in the ability to eliminate misunderstanding, by presenting the proposed end result in an accessible form.

Having a 3D virtual plan, puts the power back into the hands of the home renovator, says Mark. A 3D virtual plan reduces the opportunity for others to influence home renovators with their own agendas.

Having a 3D plan, can give home renovators confidence to stick with their plans, and enable their original dream to come to life, without it being changed along the way.

3D Virtual Renovations is also a way to eliminate stress between couples. The software is a platform for all ideas to be shown, options trialled and then a decision made.

There is a lot of success with couples. Often a husband and wife may have different ideas of what their renovation should look like. The husband may say he can visualise it with the 2D plans. The wife may be a little more apprehensive at first, but often has some great ideas which can be communicated through the 3D virtual software. When they see it in 3D, they can compromise and come up with a really good renovation plan.