Vehicle Turntables by 3D Parking is a motor operated, rotating platform mounted at ground level which enables a vehicle to be rotated on the spot.

A vehicle turntable enables you to turn your vehicle on the spot so you can drive both in and out of your drive/ garage and always be facing forwards. Removing the frustration and danger associated with reversing out onto a busy road and reducing the hazard to young children and pets. 

A vehicle turntable can also allow you access to otherwise inaccessible parking spaces, increasing your available parking.

3D Parking  supplies and installs car turntables that will make life easier and safer when reversing down a driveway. They can be either mounted on your existing drive/garage surface or can be recessed such that they lie flush to the ground. 

Specifications:        Surface Mounted

Height:            50-55mm
Diameter:       3.65m
Top Plate:      Marine grade high tensile 5mm aluminium chequerplate
Frame:           stainless steel
Motor:             12V rechargable battery (solar rechargable battery optional)

Specifications:        In Ground

Height:            flush to ground
Diameter:       Residential 4.0m / 4 tonne capacity                         
                         Commercial 6.0m / 10 tonne capacity                         
                         Industrial 7.8m / 20 tonne capacity
Frame:            Galvanised mild steel
Motor:              0.37k, 3 phase forward and reverse