3D FilmPro are the preferred Australian fabricator and finisher of MultiPanel, a revolutionary, high density, polyurethane composite building panel.

3D FilmPro are are passionate about working with this innovative and versatile composite building panel and will fabricate anything across a broad range of industries, including:

  • marine
  • transport
  • construction
  • signage
  • landscape.
MultiPanel composite building panel is super lightweight, 100% waterproof, eco-friendly and incredibly versatile. It is up to 70% lighter than traditional building substrates,  requires less manual handling, and because it is waterproof it can be used by inside and outdoors.


MultiPanel composite building panels can be used instead of marine ply, MDF, blueboard, cement sheet, and gyprock.

3D FilmPro are able to advise customers on MultiPanel composite building panel fabrication methods suited to their budget, as well as advice on how to finish this material with a wide range of beautiful finishes, including:

  • extensive range of metals
  • timber veneers
  • 2pac paint
  • laminates
  • aluminium composite panel
  • fibreglass
  • stonework; and
  • render.
Some of the items 3D FilmPro have fabricated with MultiPanel composite building panel so far include outdoor furniture, water features, lightweight doors, shelters, wall cladding and screens.


This innovative new building product is not only non-toxic and non-hazardous, but can be granulated and recycled. In short, 3D FilmPro believe MultiPanel composite building panel is the building substrate of the future.