3D floor plans, from 3d Design Tech , are an invaluable tool for Architects and real estate agents when demonstrating designs and properties to their clients.

Architects plans can often be difficult to understand, however, a 3D floor plan is built to scale and contains features such as flooring and walls with colours, precisely built doorways and windows and various items of furniture, fixtures and interior design.

3d Design's 'virtual'  3D floor plans allows the client to understand the plans in a simple way and enabling them to make changes according as the Architect is able to convey their designs more easily.

A 3D floor plan is a accurate scale model of a house or building's floor plan, displayed from a bird’s eye view. The primary objective of a 3d Design Tech Floor Plan to demonstrate the layout of the floor plan in a more interactive way.

3d Design Tech's Floor Plans have been developed to help the Architect, the real estate agent and the client by crafting 3D floor plans which will be appealing to the target audience.

3D floor plans are not only manufactured to a superior standard, they are also extremely cost effective.