Photomontages are required by the council for approval purposes and for this reason they need to be accurate.

Photomontages can also be used for marketing, however marketing images created using other techniques may not be suitable for the council purposes. Examples of these other techniques also known as ‘artist impressions’ are also shown in the 3D perspectives section of 3D Archpix website.

To provide a quote 3D Archpix will need architectural drawings, landscaping and a survey. 3D Archpix will supply the photos although it is also possible to work with the photos a client would like to supply.

To ensure the accuracy of the work, the architects CAD plans and survey are imported into the 3D system and the building is modelled from these drawings.

The building will be modelled as a CAD model suitable for insertion into the council seed file if required. Examples of this can be seen on the website.

Shadow diagrams can also be produced from the 3D model. Examples of this can also be seen on the website.

Using the survey, camera data and onsite measurements, the 3D model can be camera matched to the photo. 3D Archpix will add materials, colours, landscaping and light the scene to match the lighting conditions of the photo.