360 Bolt created a new product designed to eliminate common installation errors traditionally involved with hold down bolt systems such as misalignments.

360º Bolt recently showcased its innovative, NATA approved product at DesignBUILD in Melbourne. The bolt allows up to 30mm of movement in the hold down bolts through its patented swivel design.

“360º Bolt is a replacement for standard holding down bolt cages. Once it’s (holding down bolt]) cast in concrete, the base plate can’t be relocated. The beauty of the invention is it’s the same unit that’s set in concrete, but you can move the bolts so that they can be in position for the base plate,” explained Sean Henshelwood, marketing manager at 360º Bolt.

How does the 360º Bolt system compare to the standard, traditional bolts?
According to Henshelwood, the cost price is almost identical to the standard system “which is an amazing thing for the industry because it takes away a lot of the trouble. There’s the cost saver but more importantly, there’s the time saver.”

The revolutionary 360º bolt rotation system is made from recycled and durable plastic. The product will provide the necessary flexibility to move the columns to ensure it is located on the correct grid location. As well as eliminate any minor alignment problems.

“This is a very innovative product developed and designed in Melbourne Australia by guys that are actually working in the industry, so we’re very excited to be bringing it to DesignBUILD and show people what it’s all about,” said Henshelwood proudly.

Introducing a new product in such a competitive marketplace can prove to be challenging at times. However, an innovative company such as 360º Bolt is well aware of emerging trends when it comes to making itself known.

Infolink is good for us because it gives us access to a wide network. We’ve come in the market with a new product and how do you get that new product to the whole country quickly? So the whole Infolink process, to us,  is fantastic so it’s ideal. It’s something that we’re really interested in pursuing because it gives us that huge access to the market very quickly,” affirms Henshelwood.