360˚ Bolt is a new and innovative product developed for the steel frame construction industry to eliminate common installation errors traditionally involved with hold down bolt systems. 

After almost 20 years of fabricating steel and erecting projects on site, SGA Engineering’s Ted Sygidus had seen enough. Soon after, 360º Bolt was born - a product that needed very little tweaking and retooling to get to the stage where now. Some seven months later, it is revolutionising the way that the steel construction industry is looking at holding down bolt cages.

The basis of the 360˚ Bolt design is to provide up to 30mm of 360º movement of the bolt once it is cast in concrete. Through a simple but rigorously tested* design that features spherical washers to maintain solid contact between the HD bolts and the surface of the column, 360˚ Bolt eliminates the bulk of misalignment issues found on site.

"Invariably you’re out up to 8-10 mm, but with a 2-3 mm tolerance, the fabrication team needs to go back and either ‘blow out’ the baseplate and weld in new tabs, or in cases where they might be more than the diameter of the bolt out, they have to drill in Chemset anchors, which is a band-aid solution that takes away much of the structural integrity of the job," added Sygidus.

"Now, with 360˚ Bolt, most of that is eliminated."

As part of a multi stage project in Lyndale, Victora, BUILDCORP Commercial erected a school of which one side utilised the new 360º Bolt system. According to BUILDCORP Commercial's site manager, David Bores, there were significant benefits of using this system. 

"For us as the managing contractor the timeframes of the program have been reduced significantly with reduction in issues like making good the original bolts. Not just from our point of view, but from the concreters point of view they’ve had a lot of cost reductions in terms of going back and rectifying all these bolts."

360˚ Bolt provides the necessary flexibility to move the columns not just to ensure they are located on the correct grid location, but for any minor alignment adjustments required during steel erection. 

Key features and benefits of the 360° Bolt system:
  • structurally sound and safe
  • can be supplied as flat-pack or pre-assembled
  • save on expensive time delays in repairing work onsite
  • designed in accordance with relative Australian Standards and tested in NATA approved testing laboratories 
No matter what size of bolt is required from M12 to M30, 360° Bolt can meet site requirements, and it can cater for pad/strip footings, slab or pocket installations.