Aerial Photography has always been recognised as a great way to get that special image. Unfortunately until recently aerial photography has also been expensive, requiring an aircraft, pilot, photographer and associated costs such as aircraft hire and fuel. 1800BLIMPS aerial photography can change all of that. 1800BLIMPS is based in Brisbane and provides aerial photography in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions of Australia.

Due to miniaturisation of digital camera technology and digital cameras providing images equal to or better than traditional SLR film 1800BLIMPS can now offer these stunning, powerful images at around a third of the cost of conventional aircraft based platforms. How? They lift the camera using a 17ft helium blimp. Operators have full remote control over the camera direction and functions and have live video fed down to a ground-based monitor, so they can frame the shot perfectly.

This technology can be used to photograph basically anything at all. The resulting images can be used in promotional material such as flyers, posters, postcards or your website. 1800BLIMPS can also arrange printing and framing so you can put the photograph on the wall of your corporate offices or in your living room.

1800BLIMPS can also assist property developers in a number of ways. Imagine being able to sell the view from a 35th floor penthouse suite before a brick has been laid, this can only be done using aerial photography. Tell them the height of the floor and they will put the blimp up to that height and capture the view in the appropriate direction. How about being able to superimpose your architect's artist impression on a "real" photo of your development site with an aerial shot?

They can also provide your images with GPS data embedded in the information fields. This provides latitude and longitude co-ordinates and altitude. Please note that GPS service is on request so do specify it if you require this additional information.