Kilometres of temporary construction fences are available with a guaranteed next day delivery throughout Melbourne and large parts of country Victoria.

With 1300TempFence systems you can secure your construction site in no time. You can hire temporary construction fencing for all types of building and maintenance works including civil, commercial, industrial, demolition, compounds, multi unit developments etc.

1300TempFence’s installers will ensure your site is safe and secure and satisfies all compliance issues. They will erect 1300TempFence’s tough, durable, temporary construction fencing, either from your site plan or from your directions on site.

When you hire with1300TempFence, extra fence gates are also provided. 1300TempFence’s temporary fencing is sturdy, being secured with concrete blocks, star pickets and stays where required.

1300TempFence systems can also supply shade cloth for your temporary construction fencing, which provides greater privacy and security for your site. It also assists with dust protection allowing for a safer work site.

New - enhanced security option

To minimise intrusion on your site, 1300TempFence systems can supply anti-tamper fence clamps that lock the fencing panels together. A unique tool is required to remove the clamps, providing you with greater security and extra peace of mind. This tool can be controlled by the supervisor so fence panels can only be moved at his/her discretion.