Giant Inflatables supply Ravers air driven inflatable dancers that sway with the wind to attract attention to your company. An Australian made product, Ravers are a proven marketing tool to attract traffic to a businesses location.

Also known as Inflatable salesmen, Sky dancers, EventMen, Air Dancers and Crowd Pleasers, Giant’s two leg man character Raver is the original form of kinetic inflatable media and is still available along with a number of other options.

Giant Inflatables supply a range of Ravers including the Standard Raver range. Costs effective, the Eyecatcher Raver and Turbo 400 Raver Systems are great for gaining attention and attracting customers.

During the holiday seasons, Ravers can assist in seasonal promotions. Giant Inflatables provide fresh, topical Ravers for every season which can headline your special sales event.

Promotional ravers can be a cost effective marketing tool and display simple, short and easy to read messages.

Giant also supply character ravers that can become direction givers or remind passing traffic of a specific product or service with a direction arrow or replica shape. They can also act as a great space to display a logo or digitally printed reproduction of a brand.

Companies that wish to convey an idea or concept through a Giant Inflatable Raver system can work with the Giant team who have the experience and talent to assist customers with purchasing decisions.