1300 Inflate has a team of architects, industrial designers and engineers to provide custom designed inflatable structures according to specific customer requirements.

Inflatable structures are ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • Fall arrest platforms
  • Void formers and inflate and seal inflatable
  • Emergency response shelters
  • Lifting and support air beams
  • Specially designed pipe plugs
  • Structures to cover large areas for surface laying
  • Specially designed inflatable buildings
Custom designed inflatable structures are manufactured in 1300 Inflate’s state of the art factory and with a network of suppliers worldwide, 1300 Inflate brings cutting edge technologies as well as trusted tested and conventional and hybrid solutions to customer needs to improve productivity while being environmentally responsible.

Customer requests are analysed so that 1300 Inflate fully understands their requirements and the project is then scoped to offer some in principal solutions as well as costing options. Sketches, 3D models and technical drawings of the inflatable structure are also offered.

The entire production process is open to the customer’s queries at all times and timelines and stages are prepared with respect to supply deadlines.