The 1300 Ensuites 5 Star Portable Bathroom is an Australian made trailer mounted portable bathroom unique in the portable bathroom industry. A single fibreglass moulded room is mounted onto a trailer not much bigger than a standard 6 x 4 trailer used by home handymen on the weekends.

Inside the 1300 Ensuites 5 Star Portable Bathrooms is a surprisingly large amount of room that easily makes this a palace on wheels. With a clean interior, the large mirror and vanity are the main focus as the user enters. To the right is a full size shower and next to the vanity is the full size dual flush domestic toilet. There is also a 50 litres electric hot water system on board.

With approximately 2, 4 minute showers and 30 minutes to fully reheat, users have all the conveniences of the bathroom they are used to with all the convenience of having the 1300 Ensuites 5 Star Portable Bathroom anywhere they need.

There are no holding tanks on board the 1300 Ensuites 5 Star Portable Bathroom, so there is no waste kept on board, so there are no odours. An onboard macerator pumps waste up to 50 metres away through heavy duty pipes with durable and reliable leak proof connectors. The only other services required are a standard 10A power point and mains pressure water from a garden tap. Tank (gravity feed) water can be used but ask 1300 Ensuites Australia for any special requirements.

At a low 600kg (only 50kg ball weight) the 1300 Ensuites 5 Star Portable Bathroom is extremely easy to manoeuvre and is easy to set up as a caravan. With adjusters and stabilisers, it will not rock around or be unstable while people are inside. All that is needed is some relatively flat ground.