Rotofarm by Australian firm Bace, is an advanced, space and time-efficient indoor garden packed in an compact design. 

Rotofarm combines the power of NASA-inspired zero-gravity technology, energy-efficient sunlight spectrum lighting and smart app automation to achieve an efficient growing experience. 

Consumers can grow their favourite vegetables, herbs and microgreens up to two-times faster, using less space, water and energy. The process includes planting pre-seeded pods into plant slots, fill with water and nutrients and monitor and control the process via the Rotofarm App. 

Requiring no soil, 95 percent less watering, automatic lighting and full control from a phoneor smart device, Rotofarm is fully automated; qn individual only needing to spend a mere 5 minutes of maintenance per week for effective results.

“Rotofarm seeks to enable people around the world to get healthy, nutrient-filled foods without pesticides or chemicals. By producing your vegetables and herbs directly at home, you know that your food is coming from a 100 percent safe, sustainable and protected environment,” according to a statement by Rotofarm.