The light is shining brightly with a new partnership that sees Light Culture become the exclusive Australian partner of prestige German lighting manufacture, BEGA. For more than 70 years BEGA has been developing and producing high-quality luminaires for all areas of architecture and is renowned throughout the world as a trailblazer in lighting design.

In partnering with BEGA, Light Culture extends its offering to provide Australian architects, designers and engineers with the very latest innovative luminaires and lighting systems available. They also share the same ethos for design, quality and sustainability that will produce an invincible partnership and ensure success.

Ian Wiseman, managing director, Light Culture Australia says that, “Light Culture has always looked for quality in our brands and this new relationship with BEGA will mean that we have completed our national portfolio. Notwithstanding, BEGA is renowned as being at the pinnacle of the architectural exterior and interior lighting market. We are honoured to have entered into such an exciting partnership for Australia”.

Long before the idea of sustainability came to public attention BEGA had instituted best practice within its engineering facilities and also understood that raw materials are a precious resource. For BEGA, care for the environment is paramount and this is also the case with Light Culture.

With hundreds of products, ranges and collections for the indoors and outdoors, the German lighting specialist is attuned to the unspoken needs of its customers. Since it was established in 1945, BEGA has been a leader in its field; refining design and process, gathering experience and know-how and translating this into the very best products for a global market.

The company has been supplying products for architects, designers and engineers for 12 years and prides itself on supplying sustainable lighting solutions coupled with excellent customer service for its loyal Australia-wide clientele. 

As Heinrich Gantenbrink, managing BEGA Partner says, “Light Culture is for us the ideal exclusive partner for Australia. We were very impressed by the company’s ambition to develop outstanding lighting solutions in cooperation with architects, interior designers and engineers. This way of thinking suits us”.

Image: BEGA luminaires | Photography © Sergio Grazia / Supplied