A new glue laminated tmber (GLT) production plant is to be built in Maryborough, Queensland. 

Hyne Timber’s CEO, Jon Kleinschmidt says the new building will be constructed using the company’s own GLT products, manufactured at their existing plant in Maryborough.

“Further, Hyne Timber remains committed to using Queensland products and services throughout delivery of this construction project with a priority on Fraser Coast businesses where possible.

“Every part of this development will celebrate and showcase Queensland businesses and skills as so many businesses and people have supported us over our 137 years of operations,” Kleinschmidt says.

Hyne Timber’s GLT sales manager, John Hesse says the company has been experiencing an increase in both enquiries and demand for GLT as consumers search for sustainable building solutions.

“There is little doubt that responsibly sourced timber is experiencing a renaissance for a range of reasons but predominantly for its environmental credentials."

“In addition to the standard residential housing market where GLT is usually covered up, we are seeing more and more GLT designed and specified in projects such as schools, offices, healthcare and public spaces where the GLT is used for the key structural components while also providing a beautiful natural aesthetic.

“This new, highly automated plant will increase volumes, improve the speed of delivery while broadening our product capability to capitalise on new growth opportunities,” Hesse says.

Feedstock to meet the increase in capacity is secured from Hyne Timber’s own sawmill, also located near Maryborough.