Cemintel has announced that their Territory range of fibre cement facade systems has secured the coveted AS5113 EW classification. The Territory range is the first fibre cement system in Australia to have acquired the fire safety rating. This is in addition to its existing CodeMark certificate, demonstrating conformance to the rigorous standard.

Introduced in March 2016 by Standards Australia, the AS5113 Standard sets out procedures for a large-scale test that provides a reliable indication of the facade system’s resistance to the spread of fire.

The AS5113 EW classification for the Territory range is yet another example of the company’s commitment to developing quality, locally engineered building solutions.

“Derived from the Japanese values of simplicity, nature and quality, the Territory range draws on traditional building materials like stone, timber, concrete and metal for inspiration, providing builders, designers and architects with a flexible, high performance palette for iconic external designs,” says Paul Manks, general manager of CSR Cemintel.

By securing the AS5113 EW classification – the most comprehensive fire safety rating for external walls available in Australia – the Territory range assures designers and property owners that they are making a safe and aesthetically striking choice.

According to Manks, organisations in Australia may have tested to the AS5113 Standard; however, the challenge lay in attaining EW certification with many systems having failed to pass the debris requirements. Following the Territory test, no debris was apparent and the wall was deemed to be in good condition. 

“The classification has been added to the CodeMark certification to give the industry increased confidence in the compliance of the products and systems. The prefinished Territory range met all of the requirements, with no concessions required for any of the Pass criteria needed to receive the EW classification,” he added.

Cemintel’s intelligently engineered, flexible systems and prefinished fibre cement cladding solutions aim to set new standards for design, performance and safety in Australia.