As a collaborative practice, architecture, design and construction are acutely impacted by the shift to remote working. Face-to-face interaction, whether in a studio or on a construction site, is key to the production of a good design. Without effective solutions to connect remote employees, projects risk costly mistakes, project delays and poor-quality outcomes. With today’s teams increasingly dispersed, developing ways to maintain and build motivation and productivity is more important than ever.

Working in an isolated digital world: Increasing collaboration and productivity in the design & construction industry explores the challenges of remote working in the post-pandemic era. We look at how the shift towards remote working caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the design and construction industry. We discuss the challenges faced by remote workers, from increased isolation to issues with technology and productivity. Finally, we consider a new generation of digital tools that are helping design and construction companies build collaboration, motivation and productivity within their organisation.

Billi is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of high-quality drinking water and washroom systems. The Billi brand is synonymous with Australian innovation, providing products of uncompromising quality. Billi's range of superior instant filtered water systems are suitable for a wide range of professional applications and environments. Billi is at the forefront of digital innovation, providing architects, designers and builders with digital tools and libraries for all their specification and installation needs.


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