Good design is the foundation of healthy, sustainable and user-centred buildings. This has never been truer than in the education sector. Numerous studies have linked environmental factors such as thermal comfort, indoor air quality and acoustics to health outcomes and student performance. One of best ways to improve indoor conditions across all these factors is through a high-performing building envelope, of which insulation plays a pivotal role.

Sustainable school design: A holistic approach to designing and specifying insulation for positive learning environments explores the importance of the built environment to learning outcomes, particularly in relation to thermal comfort, indoor air quality, acoustics and sustainability. First, we consider the abundance of evidence linking the design of schools and classrooms to students’ academic performance and health. We then consider approaches to improving learning environments, including minimising unwanted noise, controlling indoor thermal comfort, air quality and condensation, protecting people and buildings from fire, and driving sustainable outcomes. Finally, we look at a range of insulation products and solutions that take a holistic systems approach to improving building envelopes.

With one of Australia’s widest distribution and sales coverage networks, Fletcher Insulation provides energy efficient and acoustic solutions to the residential, commercial, HVAC and industrial markets. The company manufactures and distributes a wide range of insulation products specially designed for thermal and acoustic systems.


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