Modern bathroom designs are incorporating colour elements to provide an opportunity for self-expression and personalisation. Moving away from the dominance of white surfaces, different spectrums of tone are being explored, including shades of brown and grey, composite shades, pastels and bright tone-on-tone concepts. A deep understanding of how colour can be used to its maximum effect is needed to deliver spaces that will enrich daily routines for many years to come. 

Express Yourself: Understanding the use of colour in bathroom design explores the evolving use of colour in modern bathroom design and how to integrate colour with other design elements. We discuss the importance of colour in bathroom design to create different moods and atmospheres. We then look at selecting colour combinations to achieve different design outcomes, before considering how colour can be integrated with other design elements. We also highlight some modern colour trends that you can consider for your next bathroom project.

Inspired by the emerging fashion of modern Australia, the Caroma Urbane II and Liano II Collections represent the best of Caroma’s leadership in bathroom design. Balancing the latest interior design trends with timeless aesthetics, these collections provide you the freedom to create your dream bathroom; one that enables an experience of personal luxury through customising key design elements and durable colour finishes.

Download this whitepaper and explore how you can use colour to create a space that will enrich daily routines for many years to come.


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