Due to the ever-present need to cut costs without curtailing service, facility managers are taking a close look at all aspects of their operations, especially bathrooms. As it is not practical to physically monitor each bathroom fixture, or clean the toilet after every use, maintenance schedules are currently based on factors such as the age of the fixture or foot traffic estimates, neither of which accurately represent how often a fixture is actually being used. Advances in data gathering and bathroom monitoring solutions enable facility managers to take the guesswork out of maintenance by providing an accurate picture of the health of each bathroom fixture.

Bathroom Intelligence: How Smart Fixture Data Can Transform Building Maintenance and Operations examines how smart fixture data can improve efficiency and accuracy in building maintenance and operations, and deliver a better bathroom experience for the end-user. We look at what smart fixture data can tell you, and how it can illuminate what exactly is happening in a bathroom. We then see how this data can be applied to improve maintenance efficiency, optimise cleanliness and hygiene, improve fault detection and response, and increase water savings.

Caroma Smart Command® is an ecosystem of intelligent bathroom products that enable building managers to monitor water use in real time and make smarter decisions that reduce maintenance costs, while improving hygiene and up time. An innovative range of tapware, urinals, toilets, showers and leak detection valves integrate seamlessly with Caroma Smart Command® and incorporate touch-free technology for a more efficient bathroom design.

Download this whitepaper to learn how usage data at fixture level can improve maintenance efficiency and reduce operational costs.


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