Modern public buildings and spaces are designed with a strong focus on security and safety. However, strong security measures must be balanced with the notion that public spaces should be open and accessible. Entrance solutions, such as speedgates, act as a soft deterrent in reception areas while allowing seamless, automated access to restricted areas of the building and maintaining a smooth flow of traffic.

Art of entrance control: Benefits of speedgates for commercial environments & public spaces explores the role of speedgates in the security landscape and discusses their integration in various architectural contexts. Speedgates have gained significant traction in recent years due to their balance of efficiency and security, as well as design options that will appeal to owners and architects. By enabling users to move through access points quickly and integrating seamlessly into the building design, speedgates enhance the overall experience for visitors and employees alike.

As leading suppliers of automatic entrance solutions and services to clients, both ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems and Record Doors (part of ASSA ABLOY Group) provide various options to suit your business. Innovative access control integration, colour, design and size options are available, so you can streamline and match your building’s security as easily as possible to the architecture of the building.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the role of speedgates in the security and architecture landscape.


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