Mowbray Public School in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove North, initiated a rebuilding project in December 2014. Standardisation dominated most school buildings until the late 70s. The buildings were usually either simple structures with a single large roof or complex and intimidating campuses.

Unlike then, today’s educators understand the positive impact of changing the environment of the school itself when considering how to improve the quality of education. The physical environment of the school contributes in promoting choices and activities, and affective learning.

The NSW Government architects, rebuilding the Mowbray Public School in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove North, were very specific regarding the type of materials that they wanted to use to ensure that they were environmentally responsible and also to meet the needs of the children and the school. Futurewood was chosen for exterior cladding, decking and screening for portions of the school rebuild.

Customised to the specific requirements of the School, Futurewood’s facade cladding was chosen over traditional timber exteriors, due to its durability, low maintenance and cost-efficiency.

In the meeting with the architects, product durability and warranty were discussed as well as a number of colour options and finishes before the custom made Sandalwood colour in a coarse sanded finish was decided upon. The chosen material – Futurewood’s decking, weatherproof cladding and decorative cladding/screening – delivers a timber-like finish achieving a natural look with greater sustainability.

School buildings and furniture are subjected to the dynamic energy of growing children. They need to pass the tests of safety, security and durability while ensuring an environment that fosters positive growth and learning. Futurewood’s cladding, decking and screening products used at the Mowbray Public School, assist in achieving a relaxed style of building, understated, modern yet children-friendly and incorporating sustainable materials.

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