Back in early September 2015 Futurewood were asked to attend a meeting with a well-regarded commercial builder regarding the availability of a good value weatherproof composite cladding product.

The builder had won a project in Fremantle for a government department that required a number of new cottages to be built on a sloping site at the back of heritage listed buildings.

It seemed that another cladding product was originally specified but the price and lead time had the potential to cause problems for the project and it was proving difficult for the builder to break the deadlock with that products supplier.

Fortunately Futurewood were able to act quickly and provide all of the information that the builder needed to compare the EnviroSlat weatherproof cladding to the cladding that was originally specified.

What followed was a lot of correspondence back and forth and confirmation from the architects that they were happy with the substitution and then within 4 weeks an order was locked away and a lead time established that met with the project time line.

All in all nearly 5000 lineal metres of Futurewood EnviroSlat weatherproof cladding in the colours Slate Grey and Chocolate were ordered. To minimise waste and improve efficiency the cladding boards were ordered in 6 different lengths to suit the multitude of different walls that the cladding was being fixed to. Now the clock was ticking to make sure that the time lines agreed to could be met!

Futurewood made sure that all the elements under their control were being handled as efficiently as possible with their country manager on site at the factory in China reporting back weekly regarding the production, quality control and checking and then co-ordinating the shipment via Shanghai to Fremantle WA.

Commercial Door Hardware was the local Perth based Futurewood distributor who was responsible for invoicing the builder and making sure that the product was picked up from the Bibra Lake WA warehouse and delivered to site to meet the instructions from the builder’s project manager.

As planned the custom made order was received in to the Futurewood Bibra Lake warehouse in early November 2015 and was ready for delivery to site a few days later. As is typical of these projects it turns out that the site was not quite ready for the cladding so the cladding was stored at the warehouse for a little over a week until it was required on site in late November 2015.

A crane truck was organised with a 9 metre reach and after some negotiation it was decided that all of the cladding would be delivered to the site on the 26th November 2015 barley 8 weeks after the order was placed!

Now it was the builders turn to install the cladding and finish the build which they were able to do within the time frame and budget. Feedback from the site manager and the installers was that the cladding was easy to work with and install. Everybody agrees that the finished project looks great as the accompanying photos confirm.