verge house exterior

Verge House is a celebration of the threshold between two different architectural styles; a clear depiction of the home’s history.

With the traditional Edwardian-style home sitting next to a new metal-clad extension with a flat roof, it was important to consider the threshold of where the styles converged. The architects wanted this threshold to be obvious but not overwhelming. This result of this is a double volume glass atrium that brings much-needed light into the home.

verge house edwardian

This threshold space also serves the heart of the home; it acts as vertical circulation for the addition and as the landing for the new entrance.

verge house natural light

With the significant amount of glazing on the new addition, light can now penetrate deep into the ground plan of the living and kitchen area, adding glimpses of sky as you move throughout the home.

Other new features include a rooftop terrace and pool as well as a ground floor terrace, which add significantly to the home’s outdoor living space.

verge house terrace

Inside, different zones have been established throughout the home to create areas that can host family and friends but also smaller, private spaces for retreat.

While the idea was to have a clear distinction between old and new, there are a few elements that reference the original home, such as curves seen throughout the addition, particularly in steel doors and openings.