Working within a tight space and tight budget, the Hanging Gardens House project provided a challenging opportunity to develop a highly efficient yet cost effective design.

The design and execution of this project were heavily influenced by both our own, and the clients' desires to implement an environmentally sensitive and sustainable design solution.

 Through considerate design, construction practices and material detailing and specification, the Hanging Gardens House sought not only to minimise its environmental impact during its construction stages, but to provide its occupants with a durable and practical space, ensuring the longevity of their investment.

 The Hanging Gardens House design was intended to be inherently low impact; on the environment, in its reduced reliance upon non-sustainable resources and towards the site's neighbouring properties.

 The design affords the residence both a comfortable and an efficient living quarters addition whilst minimising its ecological footprint on the greater environment.


  • Efficient and appropriate glazing
  • Insulation in walls and slab
  • Material selection to ensure durability and high thermal performance
  • Implementation of passive environmental control strategies including cross ventilation
  • Use of energy and water efficient fixtures throughout design
  • Selection of native species in green roof planting
  • Three water tanks with a combined capacity of 2800L,
  • LED lighting throughout