All About Green Roofs is the first Australian resource to provide detailed and practical information on how to maintain and manage green roofs.

To date, the green infrastructure industry has primarily focused on design and construction of green roofs and walls, yet maintenance and management are critical to the ongoing value of green roofs and the benefits that these assets deliver. All About Green Roofs addresses this gap in the industry to provide practical guidance and advice on how to design long lasting, quality green roofs which reach their maximum design potential.

The resource facilitates the development and appropriate management of high performance green roofs which improve the sustainability of the built environment by filtering storm water and air pollution, enhancing biodiversity and urban ecology, reducing urban heat, and reducing building energy demand.

All About Green Roofs enables the management and maintenance of green roofs to be factored into the design process to ensure the long term performance and appropriate, responsive design of Australian green roofs.

They identify four new Australia-specific green roof structures and provides detailed management advice specific to the Australian building and planning environment.

The lifetime and function of a green roof is only ensured through proper management and maintenance. All About Green Roofs furnishes architects and building owners with the ability to enhance the long term performance of a green roof.


  • All About Green Roofs builds upon the Growing Green Guide, extending understanding of green roofs to include management and maintenance
  • To support this resource Do it on the Roof have developed a suite of management and maintenance templates and a short course
  • In researching and developing this resource, Do it on the Roof identified four new Australian green roof structures
  • To support understanding of All About Green Roofs, Do it on the Roof have published a series of 10 articles on management and maintenance of green roofs
  • Do it on the Roof have also developed a series of workshops to assist councils in assessing green roof planning applications