Tractile has developed a strong, light-weight, easy to install, low maintenance, non-corrosive roofing system called Tractile Eclipse and Tractile Eclipse Solar. Integrated within the Tractile Eclipse Solar tiles are solar PV cells and solar hot water channels (BIPV-T).

The result is a high-performance but light, and aesthetically pleasing roof, that generates electricity and hot water, and thus not only contributes to a more sustainable built environment but also proves that solar power generation on residential properties does not need to be an eyesore.

The Tractile Eclipse Solar roof tiles generate electricity and hot water from a single unit. In addition, the Eclipse Solar tiles provides increased insulation through the hot water channels in the tile that extracts heat load on the roof and passes this on to a liquid circulating through the tiles, and stored in a heat exchange tank.


  • Extremely strong: able to withstand 65mm hailstones, 280km/hr cyclonic winds and 250kg point loading
  • Light weight, easy to install (large format tiles) but hard to break into (tiles are interlocked)
  • Low maintenance, non-corrosive, not-brittle
  • Bushfire zone rating of BAL40
  • All solar PV wiring and hot water plumbing protected under the roof (no exposure to external events)
  • Aesthetically pleasing and presenting the property as being sustainable and modern
  • Reduces electricity expenses through energy generation from solar PV and solar hot water
  • Contributes to more sustainable buildings and lifestyles