This home was designed by the architects for themselves, and they used this opportunity to showcase an ecological, sustainable, small footprint, highly functional, contemporary home as an alternative approach to the trend of the ever increasing size of residential buildings.

Their philosophy was to create a feel of openness, flow, spaciousness and harmony on a relatively small footprint. The building was designed specifically around their personal needs, habits and likes. No space was wasted, and most spaces have multiple uses and are adaptable for future uses.

This type of space planning allowed for interconnected small areas with long views creating a sense of flow and spaciousness. Large glass panels and sliding division elements enhance these areas.

The architects also set out to showcase that a timber building can perform as well and feel as sturdy and safe as a masonry building, and placed emphasis on sustainability and innovation in design, materials and finishes.

Key initiatives:

  • Fully glazed (including roof) conservatory/dining room as indoor-outdoor space and acting as climate driver for the ground floor
  • Usage of local and natural materials, Marri timber milled off the block and used for cladding, cabinetry and furniture, local recycled jarrah timber and granite
  • Natural climate control through orientation, cross ventilation and insulation
  • Double glazed windows and hydronic in-floor and radiator heating
  • 72kl rain water collection and 3.6kW solar PV system
  • Cellar for food and wine storage and fire shelter
  • Toxin free paints, oils, glues and sealers, natural fabrics and upholstery

Photography by Tim Swallow