Nelson Modular House expresses the personality of its occupants and, in keeping with their brief, feels spacious, airy and full of natural light.

Jigsaw’s pre-designed and fully tested series of living, sleeping and utility modules formed the starting point for the home’s layout. These were configured to make the most of the home’s site and orientation, and then adapted to suit the client’s preferences – from materials and finishes to appliances and optional inclusions.

The result is a highly energy-efficient, cost-effective and comfortable home.

The open plan kitchen and dining area opens on to an outdoor entertaining space and garden that runs the length of the northern facade, seamlessly connecting the inside with the outdoors.

Customised joinery throughout the home, including a clever study nook, maximises every space. Street-facing timber-slatted panels integrate the entry gate and carport while providing an alternate outdoor space for play or relaxation.

The client was involved at every step of the design process: choosing preferred modules, tailoring fittings and finishes, and selecting inclusions to improve the energy efficiency of her home.

Key initiatives:

  • Detailed thermal performance modelling to ensure correct orientation, glazing type and size, eave widths and offsets, overshadowing, external shading and varying materials. House is designed to soak up and hold free heat from the sun over winter, and be shade and insulated from hot summer conditions
  • Predicted energy loads for heating and cooling are 48% less than required
  • High performance PVC/aluminium composite double glazing
  • Insulated concrete slab – wafflepod construction (R0.5 to underside) + R1 to vertical edge; R2.5 insulation to exterior walls, R1.5 to internal walls, R5 insulation to ceilings
  • 5,000L rainwater tank plumbed to both toilet and laundry
  • Evacuated tube solar hot water system facing due north at optimal pitch
  • Low VOC paints
  • LED lighting

Photography by Rodrigo Vargas