Ultra-mass walls are used to help maintain a constant internal temperature inside the Caladenia Street House by String Environments even in extremes of external temperature. Read the article on Caladenia Street House here

This house is climate proof, requiring no air conditioning even in sustained temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and above, and requires almost no heating unless there are several days of cloudy cold weather even in minus zero temperatures.

Ultra Mass Walls features:

  • Production is offsite to minimise waste and uses recycled materials
  • Collects, stores and releases winter ‘warmth’ and summer ’coolth’ eliminating energy requirements
  • Establishment of a small customised manufacturing operation on our own premises
  • Creates storage of ‘free energy’
  • Ultra Mass Walls will last for generations and require no maintenance or servicing to continue storing energy
  • The walls are constructed of sandwich constructed precast concrete, are highly insulated and thermally isolate internal temperatures from extremes of external temperature
  • No condensation and creates a stable climate within the building
  • Addresses the issues of material selection, resource depletion, recycling and future proofs buildings in terms of increasing energy requirements and cost