The Smart Living Handbook is a collation of research and industry insights associated with the built environment, human health and energy efficiency.

This publication has uniquely combined strategies, tools and checklists to enable consumers to wisely navigate the consumer landscape when building, renovating or seeking a healthy, sustainable home.

International organistaions have identified health risks associated with pollutants in the home environment; this book explores the who, why and how of creating home environments that are built, decorated and enjoyed in a way that promotes wellbeing.

The Smart Living Handbook is co-written by health focused interior designer Melissa Wittig and sustainability consultant Danielle King. The Foreword to the book is written by respected Professor Peter Sly – a unique combination of built environment and medical perspective on modern housing. With the increase in asthma, allergies and disease linked to the indoor environment, there has never been a better reason to create a healthy home.

The Smart Living Handbook is available at

Key Initiatives:

  • Create a resource for consumers that highlights “why” building green is not just for the future, its needed - “now”
  • Educate consumers as to the connection between the indoor environment and health issues
  • Educate consumers as to the personal health reasons why building environmentally friendly buildings is essential for wellbeing
  • Create a consumer tool that combines multi-disciplinary perspective on creating healthy, sustainable homes
  • An easy to read reference book that makes a positive impact on the built environment, public health and resource efficiency status of Australian lifestyles