SolarAdapt™ is Australia’s first truly Solar Responsive Thermochromic (SRT) adaptive glazing film which uses the sun’s energy to cause the tinting of the window, naturally controlling room temperatures.

When made into an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) combined with Glassworks LoE-366® triple layer thermal control internal film, it represents the highest performing IGU glass on the market with world leading solar heat gain figures of 0.13, compared with 0.70 of a regular IGU.

The marriage of these pioneering technologies contributes to a more environmentally friendly built environment due to the dramatic impact they have on heating and air conditioning loads all year round as well as the significantly reduced need for artificial light.

It not only outperforms regular tinted glass and other IGUs on UV and solar heat gain figures, but also aesthetics as it doesn’t compromise clarity and negates the need for blinds or shutters.

Key initiatives:

  • Solar Responsive Thermochromic technology –for powerless self-tinting activated by the intensity of the sun which tints evenly on the outside while maintaining clarity from the inside
  • Triple layer of silver for thermal control – maintains near constant internal glass temperatures nearly all year round, giving it a natural cooling ability in summer and superior insulation in winter
  • Neat® easy-cleaning coating – a technology which harnesses the sun’s rays to lift the dirt so the rain can wash it away

A construction of a SolarAdapt plus LoE-366 in its optimised format