COLORBOND steel is a high-volume building product utilised extensively in the residential, commercial and Industrial markets that has been substantially improved by BlueScope to reduce its cradle-to-grave environmental impact.

This has been achieved primarily by proprietary changes to the product’s underlying metal coating which, when compared with the outgoing product, deliver an increased lifespan while using fewer metal resources. This has been verified by life cycle assessment, combined with extensive product testing.

Buildings using the new generation of COLORBOND® steel will last longer and have a lower environmental footprint compared to those with the previous product.

Key Initiatives:

  • BlueScope has used independent life cycle assessment (LCA) to verify the reduced environmental impact of its latest version of COLORBOND® steel. It was conducted in compliance with ISO14040 and 14044 and subjected to critical review
  • BlueScope commissioned comparative LCA of the new and previous-generation COLORBOND® steel products as roofing for 1000 square metres of commercial/industrial space
  • The result was an improvement of 19.8 to 43.0% across all 18environmental impact categories assessed. This is a result of decrease use of metal coating resources and a longer product lifespan
  • New COLORBOND® steel and its metallic substrate have been subjected to extensive testing to ensure that it is genuinely a longer lasting product