Net-Effect was inspired by the state of our oceans. It comes in eight ocean-inspired neutral colourways across three textural patterns that replicate the natural line where the ocean meets the shore. The organic design and randomness of water foaming into the shore provides a striking visual impact.

Net-Effect is supported by the Net-Works project which aims to establish a community based supply chain for discarded fishing nets. The ultimate goal of Net-Works project is to improve the livelihood of impoverished coastal communities.

Key Initiatives:

  • Interface sources discarded fishing nets from some of the poorest fishing communities which is used as raw material for creating the nylon yarn required to make our carpet tiles. This novel approach means the communities get the best possible price for the nets and encouragement to clean up beaches while breaking down barriers to net recycling and ensuring nets can be removed from remote and ecologically vulnerable areas
  • 100 per cent Recycled Yarn
  • Random Install reduces waste