Braemar ‘Super-Six’ six star ducted gas heater – said to be the world’s most energy efficient ducted gas heater  – represents a major breakthrough for the industry, significantly reducing energy usage and the impact on the environment.

This product is the next incredible innovation from Seeley International, launched in April 2013 after the successful launch of the world's first six star ducted gas heating range in February 2012. The key feature includes an efficiency increase of some five per cent over the previous 6 star models.

Key Initiatives:

  • When it comes to heating systems, energy efficiency is one of the key influences in the customer’s decision to purchase a ducted gas heating system, so the company knows the importance of developing more efficient products that are also kind to the environment
  • The key motivation for developing the world’s first “Super-Six” star ducted gas heating range was to significantly increase the energy-efficiency of the ducted gas heater, reducing the amount of gas used to heat, and therefore reducing the impact on the environment. When less natural gas is used to heat, greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced
  • The new “Super-Six” six star ducted gas heater is the highest star rating heater on the market. Ratings measure what percentage of gas used in the heating process is converted into heat. The higher the rating, the closer to 100% of the gas is being converted into heat. The minimum thermal efficiency standard specified in AS4556 is 70%. The Braemar “Super-Six” series ducted gas heaters operate at a thermal efficiency of around 93%
  • Considering that on the star rating chart, every additional star represents a 10 to 15 per cent drop in running costs, the new Braemar “Super-Six” star heating range offers a highly cost effective solution that is also kind on the environment, using 30% less energy than a three star ducted gas heater, 10% per cent less than a five star, and some 5% less than the 6 star models
  • For consumers, installing a “Super-Six” ducted gas heater means significant savings on running costs and CO2 emissions. When compared to a three star heater, a “Super-Six” will save approximately $463 per year in running costs and 1.6 tonnes of CO2 – which is equivalent to taking a small car off the road for a year
  • The key features of the world’s first Braemar “Super-Six” star ducted gas heating range that distinguish it from all existing Australian ducted gas heating products are an electrically-modulated gas valve that operates at four discrete gas rates, the widest modulation range of any Australian ducted gas heater; a 24Vdc combustion fan motor that operates at four speeds to suit the four gas rates; and a unique modulating control board (MCB) that facilitates the four stage control of the gas valve and combustion fan
  • Braemar ducted gas heating offers two zoning options: standard zoning and Spectrolink Multizone zoning, which allows having different temperatures, and different user-programmed automatic operating times, in four independent zones. All Braemar heaters also feature the InShot Burner™, combustion inducer fan, electronic ignition, Home/Away setting, heat exchanger, multi-level safety controls as standard and flexible installation
  • These features mean that overall; the heater can operate much more efficiently over a wider range of heat load conditions and therefore achieve the highest star rating currently on the market for ducted gas heating