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    Smoke actuator controller BACnet & KNX

    WxC 320 PLUS Series Motor Controllers

    The WxC 310/320 Plus series supports both BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP and MODBUS TCP/IP. Other field bus options available are KNX.

    A built-in touch screen enables the unit to be configured and monitored in the field.

    Both 24VDC and MotorLink actuators are able to be controlled across the 10 motor lines that the controller supports. The motor lines may be grouped into motor groups that provide easy control of the motors by a BMS.

    The controller provides status information of each motor line as to the actuators current position and also indicates if all actuators are fully closed removing the need for limit switches on the windows to indicate when they are closed.

    To reduce operating power requirements the controller switches to power save mode with 5W consumption. When manual operation or BMS requests the actuator to operate maximum load increases to 650W with upto 20 actuators operating.

    The WSC 320 Plus controller has built-in uninterruptible power supply that will power the connected actuator for minimum 72 hours in case of power loss. A fire signal may also be input that when received the controller moved the actuators to the configured open or closed position.

    Digital Control

    Simple BMS control is provided where only the window opening position needs to be provided and the controller positions the actuators accordingly and provides real time status information of the actuators current position.

    If the MotorLink actuators are to operate quietly the BMS requests the actuators to be opened at ventilation speed or if they are to be opened quickly the BMS requests normal operation speed. This enables the MotorLink actuators to be operated without disturbing the occupants.

    Simple Wiring

    The WCC 310/320 Plus may be connected to another in a diasy chain configuration. This reduces the number of network connections to the building management back bone. As an example 4 controller may be installed together and a single network connection is only required to the BMS network.

    With MotorLink only 3 wires are required for full control of the actuator using standard 3 core double insulated cable. If there is a long run from the controller to the actuators then a 5 core cable may be used to lower the voltage drop.


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