Why reinvent the wheel?

Take the time and confusion out of selecting the right materials and assemblies for your low carbon footprint design.  Gain easy access to the authoritative source of embodied carbon inventory for construction assemblies and materials.

Presented in a visually engaging, Building Standards based format that is designed to integrated into your workflow. The GreenBook™ – over 1,000 materials assemblies and rates, accessible on-line, covering every aspect of a building and fitouts. Easy to navigate and including embodied carbon design benchmarks – a world first. 


  • Over 1,000 rates, constantly growing
  • Visual palettes of materials and best-in-class specification advices
  • ISO standards alignment, life cycle inventory from Australian and Global source
  • Cradle to site – virgin and recycled content
  • Allocation methods aligned with Australian Standard Method of Measurement

Gain the jump on your peers and deliver eco-design excellence for your Clients. www.footprintcompany.com