InnoCeil’s composite timber modular ceiling system is designed to enhance indoor and outdoor applications in commercial and residential settings. 

Unique flexibility solve challenges traditional building material face

Flexible panels achieve a perfectly flat finish or shaped into curves that traditional building materials are unable to achieve.

  • Flexible panels to achieve desired result
  • Ability to replace individual ceiling panels or tiles as necessary 
  • Option to recess lighting fixtures and incorporate into building electrical and sprinkler systems
  • Can be used as an internal lining alternative
  • Minimal moisture absorbency
  • Constructed to resist against cracking, rotting, mould and mildew 
  • Available in a range of colours, sizes and profiles or custom designed to meet specific needs

Optimises comfort, ambience and noise control within any environment

Enhances aesthetic appeal with the added benefit of providing a functional work environment.

  • Maximises sound absorbency, natural light and air quality
  • Balance light diffusion to reduce glare
  • Excellent acoustic and noise reduction qualities 

Enhances all environments from offices and boardrooms to hospitals

  • Commercial or home theatres
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • School classrooms and university lecture halls
  • Boardrooms, halls and auditoriums
  • Libraries
  • Art centres and galleries
  • Clubs, gymnasiums and aquatic centres
  • Restaurants and shopping centres

Flexible modular ceiling panels to suit specific needs

Unique concealed pin and clip fixing system for quick and easy installation in a range of series to adapt to any design.

  • InnoCeil Suspended Series
  • InnoCeil Fixed Form
  • InnoCeil Acoustic Series

InnoCeil’s unique flexible and durable ceiling panels adapt to any design imaginable from flat to curved or arched shapes to enhance interior and exterior applications in any residential and commercial settings.