Danish design and manufacture at its very best, Pressalit delivers a support arm to enable users to have a good posture and body balance.

The Folding Support Arm range from Pressalit, is a dedicated collection of supportive equipment that has been developed principally for people with limited mobility. Hosting a wide variation in finishes, colour and profile options, there are a multitude of designs formats to accommodate an expansive variety of need.

Features and benefits: 

  • Ergonomically shaped to aid user safety and confidence
  • Weight load tested from 120kg – 150kg
  • Fixed and adjustable heights variants of support arm 
  • Slip resistant and tactile finishes across all designs
  • Simple folding design with no finger traps
  • Elegant Scandinavian lines add a design appeal that’s hard to beat
  • Colour options that fit well in Dementia designed aged care buildings